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Exterior Cleaning

Offering premium quality cleaning of all exterior surfaces! Prevent premature failure and dramatically increase appearance.

With dangers being present to personal safety and property, from water in power sources posing a risk of fire to high pressure lines bursting and corrosive cleaning agents just to name a few risks. Cleaning your home or business as a DIY task can quickly become expensive and should be carried out by a professional.

We are constantly researching and developing safer more efficient ways to keep your property at its best and extending its life time. Through industry connections, experience and strategic solutions with the latest technologies we guarantee to give you the service you and your property deserve.

Through an intimate understanding of stains and various solutions professional cleaning wont only remove risk, as well as providing insurance but using the correct techniques and solutions will keep surfaces cleaner for longer. Such as killing and removing all spores from organic growth systems and not etching surfaces or blasting away sealers.

Damage when cleaning exterior surfaces generally occurs from too much pressure being used. Domestic pressure washers only produce a small amount of water flow, concentrating high pressure cold water into a small surface area. The higher water flow of commercial cleaners spreads the pressure over a larger area allowing for a more gentle and efficient clean. Our commercial equipment sometimes referred to as a power-washer due to the extra water flow also includes the ability to heat the water further reducing the need for pressure.

Damage can also come from using a too stronger chemical, the wrong chemical or insufficient chemical. the use of the correct chemicals or cleaning solutions can completely remove the need for pressure altogether commonly referred to as a softwash.

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Eco Aware Cleaning

At Sunshine Windows we appreciate the planet…. a lot! sodium hypochlorite (SH) is the most commonly used active ingredient for organic growth removal commonly named chlorine or bleach. SH is widely used to treat drinking water and for sanitation. A lot of info on SH here https://www.greenfacts.org/en/chlorine-sodium-hypochlorite/index.htm

the short long of it, SH brakes down to oxygen and salt but it can be dangerous to the environment when not used correctly.

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