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Specializing in window Cleaning both Traditional and with Water Fed Poles! “the latest in windows cleaning technology” (its been around since 1955…) but what is Water Fed Poles you may ask? well its a system for cleaning external windows using purified water so as not to leave spotting after rinsing, thus removing the need to squeegee the glass… its main advantage is we can clean up to 3-4 stories high from the ground with telescopic poles but like all tools its has other advantages and disadvantages too. through years of experience we guarantee our services will efficiently leave your glass shining and streak free, whether its is a scrub and squeegee with a ladder, operating an elevated work platform, removing scratches with a cut and polish, removing tints and films or removing and treating hard water staining. From simple to complex  once off or regular works, contacts us to today for hands down the best glass cleaning in the region

Track and Frame Cleaning

As well as cleaning your glass inside and out we also offer track and frame cleaning from a dry brush and vacuum, to a full chemical wash down removing all growths and build ups quickly and efficiently.

Screen Cleaning Repairs and Replacements

Did you know? rain can strip alkali from some unsealed screens and deposit them into glass leading to whats often referred to as hard-water staining (glass corrosion)  leaving you with unclear glass.

Screens also harbor a lot of dirt and have a tendency to build up organic matter between them and the window frame further leading to corrosion which can cause leaks, staining and even jam screens in place.

Cleaning screens will lead to a longer lasting clean of the whole window, fiber glass mesh is great value for money and is also free of alkali making them safer for the glass and are a great value option supplied and fitted from $15pm upto 900mm wide.

Broken and bent frames can make the removal process quite timely, costing extra on the service side as well as leaving gaps for insects to go through. Window screen frames come in a surprisingly large amount of profiles and colors we use multiple local sources and will repair when ever possible but sometimes its cheaper a quicker to build a new screen from scratch.

Sunshine Windows is a Member of the Australian Window Cleaning Federation and are proud of our industry. We provide a premium window cleaning service that will leave your glass spot free and will stay clean for longer. We use professional tools, PH neutral non corrosive cleaning agents (except were glass restoration is needed), hold current police clearance, are friendly, efficient, insured and equipped for any window cleaning task, contact us today for all your Residential, Commercial, industrial and strata window cleaning needs.

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Eco Aware Cleaning

At Sunshine Windows we don’t just stop at bio-degradable soap! and therefore we also have reverted back to cotton terry cloths and scrim for all domestic accounts, to help avoid microplastic from synthetic’s being washed into our stormwater and out to the ocean.

Through collection of rainwater we use 90% less DI resin when filtering water for Pure Feed Cleaning. The collected rainwater is around 20ppm TDS opposed to tap water (hard) which can be upward of 200ppm TDS. Info on TDS and DI, thank you hmdigital.com

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