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Welcome to Sunshine Windows the home of premium window cleaning, exterior pressure washing, gutters and more. My name is Emilio I have recently moved to the Nambucca Valley, as a second generation window cleaner I first cleaned windows back in 2002, its in my veins =). Equipped with professional tools, experience and health, contact me today for all your Residential, Commercial, Strata and Industrial cleaning services including, but not limited to:

All Exterior Surfaces – Roofs – Gutters – Solar Panels – High dusting/cleaning – Windows – Screens inc repairs & replacement – Scratch Removal  – and more

I’m a Member of the Australian Window Cleaning Federation and am proud to provide a premium window cleaning service that will leave your glass spot free and will stay clean for longer. We use professional tools, PH neutral non corrosive cleaning agents (except were glass restoration is needed), hold current police clearance, are friendly, efficient and insured

Exterior Cleaning

I also provide top quality cleaning of all exterior surfaces! I use pressure cleaners, brooms and…..  Softwashing!!! Softwashing is a system using a customised cleaning solution to avoid the need of pressure i.e kill moss with dose of chemical and then wash it off. Softwashing is the most efficient way to deal with bacteria, moulds, fungus and algae growing on the exterior of buildings and treated as an infection rather than a stain. Think of Softwashing like spraying weeds, as the moss and moulds etc die off they lose their grip on the material allowing it to be simply washed off. Most Softwashing mixes rely on an active ingredient of Sodium Hypochlorite the main ingredient in Laundry bleach. Put simply bleach will cause organic matter to lose its colour, this makes your exterior brighter and cleaner for longer!

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Eco Aware Cleaning

At Sunshine Windows we don’t just stop at bio-degradable soap! but have also reverted back to cotton terry cloths and scrim for all domestic accounts, to help avoid microplastic from synthetic’s being washed into our stormwater and out to the ocean.

Through collection of rainwater we use 90% less DI resin when filtering water for Pure Feed Cleaning. The collected rainwater is around 20ppm TDS opposed to tap water (hard) which can be upward of 200ppm TDS. Info on TDS and DI, thank you hmdigital.com

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