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Sunshine Windows – Window Cleaning Company

Sunshine Windows is has just moved from Adelaide the Nambucca Vally, we Focus on delivering high-quality Residential, Commercial, Strata and Industrial cleaning services, including but not limited to:

WindowsSolar PanelsPressure CleaningGuttersHigh dusting/cleaningScratch Removal

Sunshine Windows are a member of the Australian Window Cleaning Federation, we have 30 years combined experience cleaning windows from ground work to abseiling Adelaide city. Proud of our work we provide a premium window cleaning service that will leave your glass spot free and will stay clean for longer. We use professional Tools, PH neutral non corrosive cleaning agents (except were glass restoration is needed), hold current police clearance, are friendly, efficient and insured.

Striving for customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations while providing quality work at a competitive price. We are sure you’ll be happy working with us, please have a look around our website and if you have any comments, questions or would like to book a obligation free quote/job please feel free to contact us

Thank you, Sunshine Windows

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For the Love of Window Cleaning

window cleaning cleaner premium clean professional
Window Cleaning Sunshine Windows - window cleaners Brenda and Emilio
Sunshine Windows – Est 2014

Sunshine Windows – Adelaide Window Cleaning Est in 2014 By Emilio Brunno a Second Generation window cleaner, from Adelaide S.A.

In 2001 at the age of fifteen Emilio first cleaned windows with his mum (Brenda). Brenda is a professional window cleaner with fifteen plus years’ experience from ground work to abseiling Adelaide city (though now retired from hanging off of buildings).

Brenda then meet Michael or Inspector Gadget in the SA Windows Cleaning World, known for his endless adopting and improving ways to clean windows.

Emilio was introduced to cleaning with “pure water and a spray pack” a hybrid of traditional squeegees and cutting edge water feed technology by Michael who has 25 plus years in the field.

(Brenda and Michael are Happily married and still cleaning windows!!!).

Emilio then started working for Chris Murphy of Window Works Window Cleaning, Emilio say’s “This is when I started to appreciate the inner-structure of business as well as the art of window cleaning”, thank you Chris!!!

Emilio was taught various window cleaning technique’s including using water feed poles, to quote Emilio “Chris is a veteran with over 25 year experience, one of the first window cleaners to bring pure water to Adelaide” WWWC proudly use Reach and Wash Technology

After registering his ABN Emilio continued to clean major supermarkets and retail outlets, council and government buildings and more for Window Works Window Cleaning as a sub-contractor.

July 2014 Sunshine Windows was born, services to the broad public began and Sunshine Windows quickly started to specialise in Builders Cleans and Glass Restoration. As time has gone past services have grown and now include pressure cleaning, fly screen replacements and more.

The latest service to hit the “shelves” is Glass Polishing, trained by Glass Polish Australia Sunshine Windows are excited and proud to offer this service.

Future goals are to obtain Cert 3 rope decent, offer high rise window cleaning, offer more opportunities to up and coming window cleaners and continue to impress our happy customer’s.

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Eco Aware Cleaning

At Sunshine Windows we don’t just stop at bio-degradable soap! but have also reverted back to cotton terry cloths and scrim for all domestic accounts, to help avoid micro plastic from synthetic’s being washed into our storm water and out to the ocean.

We also collect rain water, this allows us to use 90% less DI resin when filtering water for Pure Feed Cleaning. The collected rain water is around 20ppm TDS opposed to Adelaide tap water (hard) is up-ward of 200ppm TDS. Info on TDS and DI, thank you

Sunshine Windows, working for greener business practices

Quoted from The Guardian

“Synthetic microfibers are particularly dangerous because they have the potential to poison the food chain. The fibers’ size also allows them to be readily consumed by fish and other wildlife. These plastic fibers have the potential to bioaccumulate, concentrating toxins in the bodies of larger animals, higher up the food chain.” (The Guardian)

Offer to All Commercial Accounts with multiple locations that would like to reduce their carbon foot print. contact us now and we will arrange fully itemised push bike powered window cleaning with organic the lot and synthetic nothing, will positively organise in any state!!

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